Google+ outweighing Facebook

Google+ was launched after so much struggle from Google. It first came out with a social media platform called Orkut which didn’t turn out well in any part of the world other than India and a couple of other countries. The failure made Google think twice on the support for Orkut which resulted them in the launch of Google Wave and Google Buzz. Each of those was a part of attempt by Google to make sure that they stay in competition with Facebook on the social media platform. But the reality was different. Both buzz and wave were complete failure due to variety of reasons that Google was unable to solve. Many would have thought that Google will never ever try to enter into social media platform but the internet search engine giant had other plans. They again came out with a different platform called Google+ which has definitely taken them many steps closer to the social media giant Facebook.

Google, FacebookNo one would have thought about the success of Google+ when it was launched, but the results sound astounding. The number of users in Google+ is increasing every day and there are many reasons being cited for the same. Many security threats, data integration, data leverage are some serious problems that are faced by Facebook that has left many users annoy.

Google+ has taken this issues very seriously in the design of their social media platform and has overcome all those drawbacks which have made them take a closer step towards achieving the number one status. Some important features that distinguish both the platforms are discussed below. The photo tagging feature of Google+ is optimized to ensure privacy and security.

The users will no longer feel embarrassed of someone tagging their photos without their consent. Google+ will warn the people that they have been tagged and if they want to continue. If the users decide to reject the tag, they can do so and preserve privacy. On the other hand, Facebook does not give this option and instead forces users to accept the tag. The facial recognition feature present in Facebook has also been eliminated in Google+. The content sharing is easier and safer in Google+ along with friend management, downloading back up etc. These reasons are making people turn from Facebook to Google+. Let us wait to see the transition.