Get Your Bundled Package with Verizon Promo Code

There are a diverse group of companies offering internet and television services separately. One television company may provide a service with low monthly cable rate compared to what competing companies offer. Others may provide very fast internet connection, but the monthly rate is really stiff. Internet corporations like Verizon provide consumers with discounted prices when they choose to avail of bundled packages that incorporate internet and HD television together. An example of such offer from Verizon is called Double Play package that includes both hi-definition television and fast internet connection.

By using Verizon promo code, a subscriber can get a total discount of $90 which is equivalent to $15 off the first six months of a 24-month contract. Additionally, savings can be accrued when purchasing online. When a subscriber signs up for an online purchase, he will be accorded an activation fee waiver equivalent to $49.00. A purchaser can also get DVR media for free in the first three months of his service, along with some other marketing bonuses and privileges. If you will get separate services from different providers, you might miss out on such cost-saving offers. Another practical advantage of getting all services from a single provider is the ease of getting after-sales support because you need to contact only one company.