Contextual advertising

contextual_advertisingWhen the text and images of the advertiser are displayed in the form of logos and banners, such form of advertising is called display advertising. The general term display advertising refers to the ads placed in newspapers, journals etc. But when such advertisements are displayed in websites, forums, online user groups, social sites, etc. the term can be replaced by online advertising or digital advertising. Apart from displaying images or videos, display advertising also comprises sending of messages to mobile phones, e-mails etc. One form of digital advertising is contextual advertising. The contextual advertising is based on the content of the web page and it is one form of targeted advertising. The ads appear on the websites and mobile browsers as links or pop ups.

The ads are selected and displayed by automated systems with reference to the content of the page. The pages are researched for particular keywords and the website then displays advertisements related to those keywords and for easy understanding, when the website is related to tech gadgets, then you get advertisements on various stores selling those gadgets. This form of advertising is also used by search engines in their display of ads based on search queries. Such ads help the users in getting additional information apart from the content they view in websites. The ads are displayed one after another with options for users to go through the next or previous ad at any time.

Google is the leader in this marketing strategy which provides JavaScript code, when inserted in websites brings in relevant ads from the database. The robot that is responsible for such advertisement displays are called mediabot.

Apart from Google, Yahoo and Microsoft have also marked their impressions in contextual advertising. Since such form of advertisements are more customized and based on user requirements, they tend to be clicked more, increasing the revenues of both publisher and advertiser. The first step in implementing such form of advertising is the creation of design of the banner. Once designed, the servers then decide on the placement of those ads in appropriate pages and locations. Since there are so many varieties of advertising online, the users or the advertisers are left with many choices to choose from. Select the form of advertising that suits your business and make good use of them to increase revenues.