Hatchet Board Game

This is the board game. I started by making an L-shaped lake, like from the book- Hatchet. Then I used a ruler and made the track around it and designated wooded, rock, fishing, berry and bunny areas. The starting point is in the lake- at the crash site. (This will also be the finish- later in the game.)

Boys move around the board collecting wood, fish, bunnies, berries. They try to earn points by making fire, building a shelter, and gathering food. (For example:1-wood + 1 rock = Fire &1 point.)

This piece of paper- kept track of the tokens they collect to represent the different items.

Each boy fills out an individual playing card- to determine what number they need to roll- to collect each item.

While filling out their cards- they can only use the numbers 1 - 6 once. So each boy could have a different card. They also roll the die to see who goes first. They record if that number was odd or even. This determines how many arrows they get to shoot rabbits and if they collect berries or not.
So- boys start in the lake and decide which way they would like to "swim to shore". They move around the board collecting items. This happens when they land on spaces with the letters on them. (W- wood, R-rock, B- bunnies or berries, F- fish.) They roll an additional turn to see if they catch or find any. For example: if they landed on a W space. They look at their card and see which numbers they have chosen for W. (We'll use the bottom card in the picture as our card.) This person would have to roll a 2 or 6 to get a green-Wood token. If they land on a B space. This person has to roll an even number to gather that many berries. (for example- if they rolled a 6- they get to have 6 berry tokens.)
Boys try to collect points. Point cards indicate what is needed to get them. Fire card= 1 rock + 1 wood, Shelter card = 2 Rock+1 Wood, Berry card = 5 berry tokens, Bunny card= 2 bunny tokens, Fish card = 3 fish and a Turtle Egg card- which they get if they land on the space with the letter- T.

Boys want to get these point cards as soon as possible- because tokens can be stollen by BEARS! Also- the skunk- can steal their Turtle Egg Card.

Once boys get 6 points- they hurry back to the crash site- in the middle of the lake- to win the game!