Game Sacred Citadel

sacred citadelFor quite a long time Diablo has been the top Sacred series franchise. Here comes the newest game, Sacred Citadel, which totally breaks chains of the past. On one hand the title retains the main idea of strategy games, but on the other hand it offers a brand new graphics and look, which differs from traditional RPGs.

As the majority of such titles, the Sacred Citadel offers four playable classes; each of them has particular skills and abilities. You may smash waves of enemies with hammer or swords, playing as a powerful warrior. There are also three other characters: shaman, mage, and archer, all of them have their special combos and tricks.

To make Sacred Citadel even more interesting it is better to involve several friends, as their skills can complete each other, and if you play alone you don't have such opportunity.

Another interesting feature is that, you can gain experience and upgrade your hero with new moves combos and spells. The better you fight the more powerful abilities you get, so it is quite a strong motivation.

Besides numerous foes, you have to deal with various environmental hazards which limit the battle field or fighting style. All these obstacles add some tension to combats, but they also can be used for destroying enemies if you do everything right.

The game informs you on the number and type of tools you have in your armory like potions and health. Any good can be purchased in from the marketplace.

So, take your time and enjoy Sacred Citadel; you will be impressed how awesome this game is.