Choosing Colours For Your Workshop Is The First Step!

Having decided you are going to paint your workshop you will have to decide the colour of the workshop paint you want to buy. While this decision may not demand as much thought as painting a sitting room, lounge or bedroom, you will still want the workshop to be as bright and as pleasurable to work in as possible. And when it comes to ordering paint suitable for the job, there is a wide range of colours available

One thing which may determine your choice of workshop paints is the light. If the provision of light in the workshop is poor, or only a few overhead fluorescent lights are available, then the best colour to paint the ceilings and walls is white or pastel colours.

But a light colour is the last thing we want when we think about our choice of workshop floor paint. A darker colour is advisable for the typical workshop floor. It gets dirty very quickly, so the best colour to paint it would be grey.